Robbie Madison New Years Jump

just got sent this


I can only repeat what is said on the vid: Robbie Madison is the f*cking man – that is awesome. In fact even just the first bit is awesome!

His bike bounces like a toy falling down some steps :w00t:

that dude has got some bottle…without a doubt the fugging man!:cool:

WOW that gave me Goose bumps!!! Big balls or no brains!!:w00t:


That drop was something else.:cool:

I saw the jump on the news but they never showed the drop off, that was mental!

This truck back flip at another Vegas hotel was good, shame he never drove it away.

Omg!! thats amazing :w00t:

that man can jump a jump alright

he got lucky on his drop back in. looks like he was about 10 feet or less from flat landing.

i flat landed from about 30 feet at an mcn roadshow and broke both my ankles. you do it from 100+ and you die for sure

lucky boy :pinch:

but yeah Robbie rules. he has some big kahunas :w00t:

Totally insane

Could have put a back flip in there though surely:w00t:

Only in america people:)

Fark that!.. as they say, flying’s hard ,but landings harder!

How he managed to jump back down il never know… I couldnt look over that edge and then do it. You could see when he put his head down that he was overcome with relief.

Since the back flip back in 2001 those guys have really been pushing the sport to such a high price to themselves to keep the crowd cheering.

Yeah that’s for sure… most painful flat landing has to go to Seth Enslow though, when the handlebars hit him in the face and shattered his skull… had to have half his face taken off and wired back together eh?.. Ohhhhh shivers down the spine!!!

That was amazing.

Mrs 5150 watched from behind her hands. :smiley:

We had to watch it several times over and over again - mesmeric

If he did that on my ZX7R he’d probably demolish the building. :smiley:

yeah i remember that. nasty crash.

i got away with the clutch lever 8mm bolt tearing a hole in my eyebrow. i’ll take that over a shattered skull :smiley: