Robbery at Brent Cross

They had good taste in getaway bikes!

Speed/Street Triple and a Daytona 675! Surely stolen, let’s hope they get caught and the bikes returned to their rightful owners.
Would you really ride a bike on the slippery surface of a shopping centre? I guess different rules apply when you have nicked £1,000’s of jewellery.

yes i’ve just heard on the radio.

what a shame. :frowning:


Hopefully might kick someones ass to spend more money in trying to catch these people that steal bikes. A few more high profile crimes involving motorcycles might help curb the high levels of theft in this country.

Thing is… I wanna know what its like to ride through a shopping centre now… :Whistling:

Guess I’ll have to wait for the Zombie Apocalypse… :doze:



We can but dream! I expect just an insurance price hike instead though :crazy:


That was a pretty daring raid. I wonder how they got out ? Surely security would have shut all exits or maybe they didn’t react quick enough or weren’t trained for this type of scenario !

actually me too! :smiley:

You wouldn’t have wanted to ride on that floor without thoroughly warmed tyres!

Just think, the headline could of read so differently…



I rode a ducati monster through EastKilbride shopping center . It was for a display in a fancy clothing shop window . 10pm at night empty shopping center ,the termis indoors sounded fookin amazing :smiley:

I have visions of a great big furry fancy dressed monster going hell for leather past Next and the perfume shop!.. (Don’t ask).

I didn’t go fast … I was warned about leaving black lines on the floor :frowning: . They wanted me to push it:crazy: … but the place is huge and there was a hill so that was never going to happen :smiley:

This is my favourite thread of the day, the ‘vision’ of furry fancy dressed monsters and bikes slipping on ice cream on highly polished floors despite their warmed up tyres is very pleasing :smiley:

With regards to why they didn’t shut the doors - guessing shopping centre security guards are paid little over minimum wage - I reckon if 6 maurading axe weilding psychos were determined to leave, I wouldn’t stand in their way either!! :w00t:

Yeah isn’t that the upper deck too???

You can exit from the upper level straight into the car park - big doors - easy!


is there anything you never done?

on a bike. :smiley: