Roadworks Galore

I don’t think I’ve seen any posts on here recently about the amount of roadworks going on and I’m amazed noone else has started a thread on this topic so I thought I would!!!

I know it’s common place this time of year for roadworks (making sure that Councils use up their budgets by end of year etc.)but it is getting crazy! My 3 mile journey to work is littered with roadworks!!

The road is uneven everywhere, car drivers are frustrated by the traffic it causes, diversion are having to be taken, gravel is all over the road - it’s CRAZY!!!

Anyone else frustrated?? Or am I just unlucky with my journey??!!!

Not just you, its everywhere, even in my little road and at the bottom of my road, cant escape it even at home at the moment!

Not looking forward to tonight, a 200 mile journey to Manchester (M1/M6 toll) and im not even gonna try and count how many road works I hit!!

you should try living by me jct10 m1 the roadworks there are herendous!! the traffic tailback from them goes all around the town causing mayhem also they are digging up the main road that connects the airport to the m1

a right s###er it is…bovverd or wat

and they warn u every 5 mis about speed cameras and guess wat?? THERE ISNT ANY!!!

I know the feeling - the A2 is a nightmare atm, having said that, it’s about time some of our road fund licence was paid on the roads, some of them are still like 3rd world countries roads

you know why a lot have sprung up over the last week, half term… it will be twice a bad next week when the little darlings are back from their little break and mummy has to give them a lift in the 4x4

Centre of Kingston has a lane closed, expected delays for next 11 weeks… this is the second or third time they’ve had a go at fixing a leaking gas mains… last time went on for months and months. It was a disaster area. Think they are ripping it all up and starting again. Water co. has been at it too replacing pipes. I wonder if all this rain we have had has made a dent in their empty reservoirs, water holes yet. All gone quite on that front. Probably not.

i do that trip every fortnight -ish. And its such a pain in the arse! it takes me 4 1/2 - 5 hours each time. bleh! i wouldn’t mind if you could actually ever see some work getting done!