Roadsitalia Can


Thinking about getting a new exhaust can for my CBF500, anyone has tried this brand before? Below the link to what I’m considering. I’m trying to make my bike a bit more noticeable (loud) to pedestrians, since crossing the city everyday it’s becoming and extreme sport lately.


They look suspiciously like GPR’s…



I’ve got a Viper can on my CBF500. Sounds much better, even with the baffle in. Fully stainless exhaust and looks good nearly a year down the line.

Price? Model?


is similar to what I have. They used to do it in parts, down pipes and then link pipe and exhaust.

Got mine for way less than that though as it was an unused item bought for a bike that got sold on.

Found the end can if you don’t want to change the downpipes.

Cheers Makman, I’ll take a look! Much appreciated.

I had Roadsitalia carbon cans on my Dorsoduro worked well, but a bitch to fit.