Roadhogs new project......

Just picked this up quite cheaply,has been recently thrown down the road,but still has tax and MOT til june 07,mostly cosmetic damage,still runs and rides ok,altho does have a broken right hand footpeg hanger,dont suppose anybody has one lying about they wanna sell me?.. not 100% sure what me plans are for it yet,it’s definitely gonna get a paintjob,then i am gonna run it around over winter and either sell it when the tax and mot runs out or strip it and use it as a track bike,am undecided so far,depends how good it looks when i have finished with it


Slowly starting to take shape now…


Looking good - great paint scheme

Did a little bit more to it today,luckily i have very understanding bosses


Looking forward to giving her a run Roadhog - SOON…

Very nice bike, I like it

Paint job spot on

I didnt think that would be my “cup of tea” but …

I really like how its coming on !!

Spot on !!!

He’s really, really pretty! Lovely paint job.


and thanx XX

what a load ov crap…… only kidding mate. looks superb. must av a go when its finished

That’s looking very tasty!!

Hope to see it on the road soon.

Even though it’s a Zooki

Still not like the current crop of Gixxers, that all look the same!!!

Great paint job - Looks much better than it 1st did

Looks better than the last time i saw it Ade,lol,i finally joined here…


Finally got a front wheel for it…

Just a little finishing off left to do now…


That looks awesome

Done a good job there Roadhog!