Roadcraft 1963 style

Could this be the original Dashcam Warrior?

With a little 1963 road rage at 01.13 Flash the headlights, honk the horn and get two fingers, lots of other little gems too.

Lol, even road rage back then was done in a gentlemanly fashion.

Today, he would have forced him to the side of the road and stabbed him.

Love the car, Jag oh yer!!

Not just any old Jag that’s a MKII. The criminals weapon of choice at the time, superseded in the 1970’s in favour of the Ford Transit.

Well that was intresting to see the towns from back in the day. Might of been better with the sound turned off though :smile: N T I hope you dont think all transit driver are criminals still in this day and age…:rofl:

Why did they get rid of all those portals where they instantly transported to a point may miles farther up the road? How great the A4 would be if you just appeared on the other side of Reading.

Also interesting to see Marlborough has always been just a giant car park.

A shame they did not end in Alexandra Park, though. I have never been to Bath without ending up in there, one of my most favourite views in the country. They have turned the road through the park into paid bays, but they are free for bikes.

Wow, that HGV on HGV overtake in a 30.