Road Wars on Sky last night

Last night on road wars there was a twat in a merc driving like a nutter on the m40. Tailgating, undercutting and then veering across three lanes of traffic and generally intimidating other drivers to get out of his way. This guy was an accident wating to happen. The police pull him over and warn him that his driving was so poor that they would be taking him to court and that he would probably lose his license. Great I thought. In the next breath the same police officer then decides to let him off with a caution. Couldn’t believe it. No points on licenese, no fine, no nothing! WTF do you have to do with a car to get nicked? Perhaps I should buy a merc of a bmw as it seems you can do wtf you like and get off with a slap on the wrist…

They don’t call them Bloody Minded ******s for nothing.

so the next time you get pulled over on the bike while out having a play, we wont expect to here a complaint from you when you get taken to court and lose your licence then will we (works both ways) bikes going at speed and cuting in and out of traffic can be just as dangerous and intimidating !!!

damned if we do, damned if we don’r eh?


The specialist team that feature on roadwars is the TVP Proactive team…the team i was on and you probably saw me last night (without realising).

The team was set up to combat vehicle crime and not to focus too much on traffic law.

the officer in question was Pc Andy Samuels, a good friend of mine and keen biker. (as most of us on that team were)

Most of the team are firm believers in education over enforcement and what you have to remember is these clips are given a slot of about 3 minutes on TV when , in reality, the actual stop takes over 15 minutes…so you don’t get a good feel for whats happening…

That guy in question will never forget that day…he could have lost his licence, his job a lot of things.

Instead, everything is intact and he retains his driving liberty.

if Andy thought he should have gone to Court, believe me, he would have put him there.

Keep watching and you’ll see me pull a Biker on the M4 for high speed undertaking and race cans…

He walks away without even a producer…it’s not all nick,nick,nick you know!!

Porkscratchin when is the next show on and what channel because I have never seen a show and now feel all left out


It’s on most nights on Sky 1,2,3 and mix…

Sky appear to show it with the same frequency that Dad’s Army enjoys on the BBC.

Thanks ill have to go see if its on tonight after the Ace.

It’s classic after the pub TV just like Street Crime UK!!!

and to make it easier Pork is the GINGER one …

I Agree partly with regards to Education as I my self was stopped recently on the bike and was given a Yellow card and told to make improvements rather than be fined and points etc…

However in the case of the Merc driver he committed too many faults IMO, I think that one recognised fault that is not dangering any lives is a forgiveable offence ( Sorry… educational advice!!!) but not the way this lunatic was driving in the merc as far as he was concerend he was king of the road and god help anyone who gets in his way!