Road trip to Holland....Done!

If the link doesn’t work then let me know… Here is a few just in case.


A random fairy and a biker;) Which one I here you cry!

The 1/2 Tank was put there after the WW2 just incase of a further invaision.

My body was a temple…:unsure:

Now it’s a Jibbering wreck:hehe:

We stayed in a Deventer with some friends- 30Km north of Arnhem.

Top speed achieved so far with luggage and pillion:209Km/h

Mileage now on bike :4720 miles- Had bike from new since April 09

The Bike was a dream to ride and it was an excellent tourer.

The Panniers and tom tom worked well. The only thing I hated was having to pay first to fuel up and guess what you needed in the tank also paying 30-40c to go for a slash:crazy:

Now- who wants to clean my bike?