Road trip #1 - Normandy

Hey there,

Been checking out pics so only fair I post some :slight_smile: My first road trip. Great to get away for a few days. And was looking forward to climbing back in the saddle before every ride. Stayed in a couple of bike friendly B&Bs weather was cool. French food is over-rated :smiley: Great company. Shweet.


very nice bike but too special to park anywhere…well perhaps in the kitchen

looks like you had great time- how long were you there for?
I went with my family last August & made a few vids- here’s one that covers some of the areas your excellent pics show

Like your comment on the food ( watch the video till the end for a laugh!)

My R6 would have been 2nd on the picking list - there was a newer (and older!) R1 in the pack after all :slight_smile: but luckily no mishaps. first 2 stops had garage for us all. Last night was a hotel with carpark and we chained bikes together.We were out from Thurs 4th till Sun 7th July. It was a good laugh. First time us lot did anything like that together. First time for me full stop. The guy with the 21 yr old Honda Magna cruiser has had his licence 10 yrs and his bike has probably only seen the light of day a dozen times :smiley:

And no l’escargo or moulles for me, yuk! :smiley: Your a cruel dad lol

How did you mount your vid cam - must get me something.

I’m looking at doing something like this, but more of a battlefields tour next year, following the British advance through France as far as the border with Holland.

How much did it cost, altogether?

Great pics fella, looks a good trip.:slight_smile:

I’d love 2 do something like that :cool:

great area Normandy went there last year and did the Somme in May pix on my flickr link, only 4 weeks to next great trip…Italy for 11 days with lots of others from Lb :slight_smile:

Cant wait for our trip to Itlay now.

How did you find the R6 on the journey, as I am taking mine, I think we are doing about 500 miles on first day and 400 on the 2nd day.


I’m jealous now, I wanna go on another trip :crying:

I could do about 1.5hrs riding before needing to hop off for a quick stretch & walk. I found I tend to sit right up against the tank otherwise I’m too hunched forward. So a 4-500 mile journey is best to plan a few stops to stretch!! We did a lot less than that on average. We covered about 8-900 miles in 4 days. So I guess you may be a bit sore! But I really enjoyed it. Always looked forward to jumping back in the saddle. Oh, I’m no spring chicken any more and overweight so that prob doesnt help either :slight_smile:

The bike was great, didnt skip a beat. Got the stock tyres on it which were great. About 135 miles range. Oh I did take a chain with me to chain it up out of fear. But during the days wanderings she wasnt chained, and no dramas.