Road Traffic Myths

This is a Roadwars mini program focusing on myths that are commonly taken as fact…

you mean people actually believe that sort of stuff, you must meet some right muppets,professionally I mean

I wish a few more cyclists would get a talking to

My brother was stopped years ago by a traffic car because their inboard camera couldn’t read his plate, the screen displayed a very bright yellow area but no black numbers. They invited him into the car to take a look for himself and he was as shocked as they were. He had applied an industrial UV protection system that’s used on various car plastic parts like bumpers but he didn’t expect it to work. He managed to get away with it, probably because he was genuinly shocked that it worked so well.

I dobbed in a known lunatic in these here parts for having an untaxed car on the road. The DVLA said he has 14 days grace- not sure what the Police/Insurance/Courts would have said if he knocked over someone…anal rape was too good for him!

Them Two were so un proffessional as actors it made it quality…

I thought they were gonna burst out laffing at any minute !!!

loved it…more normal bods on contractual retention I say !!!