Road Tips Austria, Italy and Switzerland


as I am from this area … if any of you consider to go there and don’t want to ride on crowded highways - give me a shout, I know some of the most magnificient pieces of roads there.

And if you ever do a Pass (for those who have never been there - it’s a road up a mountain and down in the other side) … look for a circular sticker saying “SDN - from bikers for bikers” … these are my Austrian 2 wheeled friends :cool:

C U soon …


where are you from?


Originally I am from Innsbruck (Tyrol) … for those who don’t know where this is - ask google maps :wink:

Hi R-E

Hope you’ve settled into LB now. Did you find a bike? You were considering an SM!:cool:

welcome. you aware you will be hassled by lb’ers about the wunderlands on a regular basis now…

@sneak … does that mean you sell your bike? Which one is it … Pics? Can I see it?

Can you see it? Have you ever seen a Unicorn! Even I’m not even sure if The Riot actually exists! Some say its made of purple gold, and that it tastes of peppermint & honey? All we know is its called The Riot!:cool:

There’s a contributor on here that goes by the name of Rikster, I’ve heard that not only has he seen this bike, that he actually ** rode ** it! I dont believe it tho!:unsure:


You like the Stig, right? Or maybe you ARE the Stig? :cool:

Criikey, can u imagine the new TG fastest lap, laptime if they gave The Riot to the Stig:cool:…if The Riot could ever be found, I mean:D

Innsbruck…Austria, beautiful place :slight_smile: been there, liked it :slight_smile:

Yes i once rode the fabled Unicorn, a wiley beast, long in the tooth, but springy of step.
Much like its keeper, and seen as often latley :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: