Road Tax Question

hi all,my road tax expires on the 31st Jan.

I’m planning on shipping my bike abroad permanently on the 12th of Feb.

  1. Do I have to buy roadtax of can I get away without renewing before 15th of feb (so I’ve been told).

  2. If I do buy road tax say for 6months can I then claim back when I declare it SORN on the 15 of Feb? Is it too difficult to ask for a refund?

your help will be much appreciated.


some bike tax you can only get a year for, but yes you can send in the tax and claim back some of the remainder.

I think there is an exemption for no tax if you are driving to a port to permanently export a vehicle. I’ll have to check it when my kids have stopped fighting and go to sleep but it does seem to ring some bells in my head full of nonsense. You would of course need proof you were exporting it , paperwork etc… and not just off to France for your holidays…

You can claim back VED - you will get paid for each remaining full month on the disc

I’ve just checked, the exemption I was thinking of is only applicable if you’ve bought the vehicle specifically for export… so you’ll have to tax it, then ask for a refund

thanks chaps.

I’ll tax it to be on the safe side and then try to claim what I can :slight_smile: