Road salt on visor - keeping it clean

Have been having a terrible job keeping my visor clean the past few days, just a few mins on the A1 and it’s covered in black grime. It’s not like water which just beads up and runs off courtesy of Mr Sheen but this sits on it and gets thicker and thicker until I have to use my glove to wipe it, then it smears etc etc you probably all know what I mean.

What’s the best way to deal with this ? Even wiping it with a glove doesn’t really help afer the first 3 or 4 times, it’s still smeary and hard to see through.

Bob Heath Visors do a handy gadget called a Vee WipeIts like a mini windscreen wiper you fit over your gloved index finger. I used to find they worked as well as anything:)

You can get them from all good accessory shops AND Rex Judds;):D:D

or get yourself a pair of tucano gloves with a built in visor wipe in the thumb, used it today coming back from Herts in the thick fog!, i hate fog!!

I use a chamois leather sponge thing, you know what I mean a sponge covered in a chamois just wet it and tuck it in the fairing somewhere. If you visor gets mucky just give it a wipe.

My Triumph winter gloves have a rubber blade in the left thumb. It helps with spray but is not much good with the salty stuff.

Thanks, have tried using a piece of cloth, might need to wet it with water and an oil cleaner as it smears after a couple of wipes.

Had loads of this as well when I was up and down the M1 over chrimbo, water is required, comes off very quickly with that, but a bit difficult to find on the move!

The Mini windscreen wiper are GREAT (I kid you not) there £1.99 for two at Hein Gericke I gave out about 10 wipers to people for free last year and got top reviews back from everyone.

PM Terry Moto I think he used one.

Thanks, I needed soemthing I could get hold of there and then. Worked out OK in the end.