Road registering a bike?

Alright guys, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with road registering a bike with the DVLA?

I’ve come across an old XL250 in not too bad nick and was wondering how difficult it would be to get it registered? The engine and frame numbers match and the owner has a dating certificate. I’ve read the hoo ha on the DVLA website and doesn’t look to difficult.

However I spoke to an old boy who tried to get his Rickman registered in Mitcham and apparantly the guys at the inspection went to town with it bringing out a tape measure to measure the circumference of the mirrors and what not…As a result they failed him…

Any advice would be much appreciated.


he may have had problems with the rickman, because it was not a full production bike (therefore falls under the category of needing an SVA (single vehicle approval)
is the XL in road going trim? lights etc, or daylight use only?

Cheers for the reply mate, yeah it’s in full road trim with the glorius 6v electrics… You think it will need an SVA?

The XL shouldn’t need an SVTA, it was imported into the UK for a while.

A Chinese version was imported for some years after as Honda sold the whole tooling to Jai Ling (or some such) when they’d finished with it.

If my fallible memory serves me right, the later XL’s had 12V electrics and, I think, so did the Chinese jobs. Might be a worthwhile upgrade as there should be a lot of bits in breakers yards still.

Oh. Borrowed an XL 250 for a weekend when it was first imported into the UK. Loved it.

Hi, if the bike is at least 10 years old no SVA is required (as long as there is some paper that states the year of manufacturing).

I know because i’ll register my italian bike over here and phoned DVLA about it…

Cheers all, top stuff! Looks like a new project could be coming my way…