Road racing Dr John Hinds died in Skerries 100 crash

Really sad news. This guy risked his life to get to injured road racers as fast as he could.

Big respect to him and others like him. RIP :frowning:

I am stunned. I have seen him in action a few times and met him at the UGP and his passion for the racing and his vocation was lovely. He loved that odd lap of the circuit he got over the race days. I cannot remember if it was a lap at the start and or end of each race. A sad loss of a great ambassador.

Rest in peace. A great man and a loss that will be felt for a long time amongst the racers, some very heartfelt tributes being paid on twitter and the like.

This gent will be missed, a huge loss to friends and family not to mention least the national road race scene.

45 min presentation given by Hinds on accidents and road racing, worth a view

Excellent video!

fantastic presentation

Tragic loss, he really did make a massive difference to peoples lives, what a sad day.