Road Racing, But Not as We Know It

Just been looking at the Asian Road Racing Championships and came across pictures of guys racing scooters, thought it looked pretty amazing.

More here -



That really does look amazing!

I have modified you post so the photo is now hosted in LB, the original server was too slow, hope you don’t mind

We could do it round a Sainsbury’s car-park one evening? Cezar, bring your scooter…

My baby? No way you monsters will destroy by little baby… lol

There is a class for scooters over here, not sure which club but I know that they do the club circuit at Cadwell!

Don’t mind at all… I had it linked direct to the ARRC server in Malaysia.

Also noticed that they don’t seem to bother with an oil catch tray.

Its a 2 stroke, don’t have to have catch trays over here either.

Excellent point and well made.

Looks to be a fourstroke in that piccy Chuff, an innova or a copy of unless those things on the head ain’t covers to adjust the valve clearances…dunno, looks to be fun tho

Scooter Racing in the UK has been going for years, I should know.