road race jump

just found this, who wants to give this a go!!!

check out the bellypan on the bluebike! try and save this wheelie!


back to work eh Dan!

lates today, shouldnt you be doing something mini’sh??

I like this one…



yeah but hes on the wrong side of the road!!

Whooo, great shots Danno! Good photographers as well…

they were taken at olivers mount road races, i have rideen there and wow its scary track same as south wales road races, the track is acutally a road in a park so you imagine how short the width is.

the first one was taken at tandgree and the ‘biaggi’ wheelie was taken at the coookstown 100

i got them from the irishroadrace site

thats lb at the wheelie school

Do you think the guy in pic #3 is going to need to have his leathers laundered after that?!

Damn…made me pucker just LOOKING at it. ROFL