Road Race At The Weekend

I was at a road race up the road from me at the weekend, i took a couple of pictures and thought i would share them. All i can say is that it was amazing how fast these lads went and how close we were standing. Brilliant day definately going again

lol a few pics!!! where was this said road racing??

Hehe maybe a few too many :w00t:. It was in Skerries in Dublin it was a great day well worth the €10 in and will definately be going again

Those pics were EPIC. Im planning on going to see the Tandragee 100 next year with any luck but it looks like you get a really good spectators view here!

Cheers, i would definitely recommend going to these races just to experience the speed of these riders and the fact that you are standing so close just makes it all the more thrilling. There are some parts of the track that you are standing so close you could almost touch the riders as the scream past.

If anyone would be interested in organizing something for next year i would be glad to help with organizing it.

I got some awesome shots at the ulster grand prix a few weeks ago, only a few feet away lying on the grass verge, you really can feel the heat from the engines as they blast past…

Im going to be planning my trips home from now on around the nw200 and ugp

oh, and it cost me a tenner, for access all areas during race week :w00t: