road narrowing

is it just me or have others noticed how much road narrowing is going on, man it does my head in. do pedestrians really need 30ft wide pavements

With the amount of morbidly obese ppl about these days then I would say yes.

Yafhat Fouqa.

shouldnt bother you on a bike?

im Amsterdam the pavements have a lane for mopeds, so you pedestrians, cycles and mopeds on the pavement!

it’s a pain in the bum! Most of the roads in London are narrow already, making them even smaller makes it almost impossible to filter through stationery traffic

Thats what the other side of the road is for

You been riding down the Walworth Road Oli?

Yes, I’ve noticed it… I have to drive a 45ft Artic down them!

Traffic light posts are also getting closer to the corners and making some turns impossible.

no not recently. just seems to be happening a lot at the mo. they have put a bollard in at the top of our road narrowing it by 6 feet…right opposite the bus stop, don’t think that will last untouched for long