Road legal Quad Bike??

Whats the deal with Quads? (apart from they make you look silly)…*

Can you drive into town and not pay CC, plus park in m/c bays?

It would be MIGHTY fun blasting around on the snow, while everyone else sits at home scratching their gonads :stuck_out_tongue:

  • no offense if you have one, there is a right kn0bhead i see riding around on one in the height of summer wearing no helmet, just shades - Ohhh he’s cool… and its stupid loud!

Giuliano will be along later to give you the full S.P.

According to here and a few other sites they aren’t free in the CC zone - I’m bit gutted as I thought you’d hit on a brilliant idea!!

Lots of fun.
And yes, I have a face like Gary Glitter at a school disco!


How do you go about getting it classed as a quadricycle? Is that possible?

Very childish…love it:P

I think it was ASBO that told me once you will run into problems at MOT time as no or pretty much no stations can/know how to test these things. Apparently that’s why you can pick up cheap “road legal” quads, just under 2 years old.

I can give someone a lift too…

Shame about CC and that. Would have been a great way to tackle the winter snow.

i think most road going quads are used in agriculture,therefore they are registered as an agricultural vehicle, so dont need an mot. worth looking in to…

Some of them small environment friendly cars are classed as quad bikes.
G-Wiz for example.

Quadbike in a shell.

No way! Madness… but actually - they dont have to pay CC?

They don’t pay the C.C. because they are electric.

They should, however, pay all who ever sees them compensation for intellectual stress and for looking and behaving like complete shite.

What an affront to humanity.

Couldn’t post yesterday due to connection problems. Most of what I composed is mentioned here. Basically Quads are classified as cars or trikes depending on weight and power. As a result they don’t benefit from any of the motorcycle advantages but can get tax, parking and toll concessions if they are electric. I was going to point out the G-Wiz point that in law it is a quad bike.

Gee whizz is that a car? I think you got ripped off, that’s more of a roller skate. :smiley:

If I own one, then I must of got it free because I don’t remember buying one!
Where is it parked?
Also where are the keys mate?

So Tricycle is the only way of getting motorcycle classification?

I hear they are dangerous as feck!

Havnt seen one for years - And im not talking about those massive things which have sofas on the back!

The Piaggio MP3 (125, 250, 400 and 125-hybrid) and Gilera Fuoco 500 count as motorcycles. You might like the look of the Fuoco:

But the MP3 400 LT is classed as a trike and needs a car license.

Confusing, isn’t it?

I have seen these and they park in M/C bays so they must be classed as a M/C, in the eyes of Westminster anyway…

How do you think these would fair in snow? Thats what im trying to get to - a “safer” snowy commute…

its all got to do with wheelbase :how far appart the front (or rear) wheels are from one another.

the MP3 LT has extra wide wheelbase on purpose so that ppl that cant ride motorbikes (dont have a licence) can ride them (like traffic cops :stuck_out_tongue: )