Road Closures 01/05/09

There are demonstrations today, and some of the WC2 are being shut periodically during the day for marches and demonstrations.

Not sure which roads, or what times though, sorry

Anyone got a clue on this? Due to go home around that way and would be helpful to know where is facked?

This is going on NOW on Kingsway, going towards Aldwich.

How good is your Russian?

Have no idea what the marches are about, but they are noisey!

Not sure how long they are going on for.

Thanks! Gah, that is my route home. My Russian is pretty poor. I could tell them my name, ask them for a cup of tea and then ask how much. None of which is likely to get them out of my way. Might have to re-route somewhere.

Kingsway has now re-opened to traffic

Nice one. Heading off in about 30 mins. Hopefully should all be clear. Will report back on return to HQ.

Everything now open in Holborn. Happy commuting.