is this one of the stolen rizzla-bikes? as far as i know they only found one, or?

wow…what a bike…


No, they were both recovered, from under a pile of horse crap in a farm, hehe. This is a bike supposidly made by Shakey’s mechanic, though we have no way of know if this is true, but looking at the bike, it sure looks that way! Incredible huh? I would have sold my mother for it…

im impressed … what a bike… wow

would sell my mom too…

Best place for them, in fact he might do better riding a horse that the sheeeeeite came from

Right, and where’s the nearest R1 when all the racing’s going on?

ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh touchy, touchy, whos the 1st person to remark about my bike…

Do they race R1s then, i thought they used them for pit bikes

Gixer here gixer there gixer fu*kin everywhere

Hold up doesn’t YAMAHA own Ohlins, that meens u just fitted some yamaha parts to the gixxer Pete ?

theres is 1000000000 r1s on the road to Si there both top bikes… its just the yam is a bit slo thats all

yeah well my purchase was instructed purley by looks… the gixers look sh*t to me

ohhh si…when will you learn lad…tut…tut…tut…

you know you want a gixer really…insted of that yamahahahahahaha!!!

run smiled run.

Come on outside the lot of ya…

Its the only part of a Yamaha worth owning (If I buy a 2007 R1 my last comment is void)

That Rizla is a must but would be near impossible to use on the road.

My mother & sister are on eBay - HAPPY BIDDING LB

Gixxers rock must say I don’t like ‘baby’ blue tho… who the f… thought, motorcycle hmmm what would be a really cool colour… oh yeah the same colour as my baby boys romper suit

So…anyone requiring a kidney over there ?..got one for sale, slightly pickled but not much…for you my friend only 25,000 pounds…i’ll even throw in a free tour of Canada

The R1s are a better looking bike no question. The gixers are mental though problem is every bike meet is full of em!

I like to be individual how many yellow ZX6’s do ya see at bike meets Mr original me lol

terry wrote: “I like to be individual how many yellow ZX6’s do ya see at bike meets”

yes, but only because the kawa-engines explode on their way to the bike meets…you see them walking to the meets…