rixxy smiledclub no.

Sorry for the delay in Smiledclub nos. please read attached notes.

Rule no 1,5682 of the Smiled Club Law : To receive an official Smiled club number, the probationary recipiant of said number involved is to submit the events in full fat…thus, giving Smiled the chance to reveiw while sitting on his thrown (the toilet)…please refer to rules no.45769 and rules no. 22654 for ‘’ how to become a ‘‘Gold Member’’ and ‘‘changing of Smiledclub numbers’’


Do I get an upgrade for my recent tumble down the road, as per rule 73468-2…? :stuck_out_tongue:


If the Ramone boy and Rixxy get one…surely my 90mph* :w00t: escape from deaths door* is worthy?

*This may be slightly exagerated for effect :smiley:

i see mr runner that you are reading the rulebook but in the sub section you quote…


I see you have missed the part in 73468-2 Sub-section “C”, which clearly states that “If a Smiledclub member has 2 or more accidents as the result of diesel within a 2 year period, and still manages to get back onto a bike within 2 hours of each accident and carry on with their plans, he/she will be elligable for the Smiledclub Special Diesel Edition Membership, available upon payment of one cup of coffee (or slightly warm dog p*ss depending on Smiled’s preference) at the Borough Market meet”. :DThis could go on all day! (Or until shane can’t get to the computer without wearing a nappy) :stuck_out_tongue: :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

The ramone boy?

Wait til Saturday!


Stop it your killing me!!!


Surely under Rule 51, Paragraph 16876(a), after having 5 offs in 18 months (including a courtesy bike) and writing 2 of these said bikes off…and STILL not giving up, I should be worthy of consideration for an upgrade to a Gold Club Member???

Can I have number 9 please…

Gaz you sound liek you need to give up! 5!!!?

a club for peeps proud of crashing…whatever next:D:w00t:

lights the blue paper and runs!:smiley:

Plus I think you need to loose body parts for Gold!

  • PM sent -

and Gaz rather than a number surely you should have a name - something like “Crash Test Dummy”

I’ve been called worse…and the misses’ sick joke after my last one was to buy me a Crash Test Dummy Cycling Jersey…bitch hahaha

Ratty, giving up is admitting defeat and failing…I don’t do failing.

oh can I have one of these too for my incident on the A1 last year?

I’ve been petitioning since my SMIDSY in September, as per my Sig, but nope, been overlooked and ignored :frowning:

bahahahahahahaahahaaa this is soooo funny

I should defo get one for that bad crash i had on the ice:D

Crash on the Nurburgring?? Cost me a f****g fortune to sort out

Deffo deserving :cool:

Gimme Gimme

There was blood in my crash! I broke my nail.

Rob it has been pointed out to you already that your ice incident on 1 Jan was “horizontal parking”. We are not au fait with the complete Smiled rule book, but think that yours doesn’t count.

But it did give everyone there a laugh. :smiley: