Riviera Ducati custom by Walt Siegl

lovely piece of work

The engine derives from a 900SS air cooled V-twin, whose displacement has been increased up to 944cc thanks to a special kit. Walt, a well-known old-school master craftsman, has built the chrome-moly chassis and the carbon-kevlar fuel tank as well.

Other special bits are the stainless steel exhaust system and the aluminium footpegs. Front forks comes from Triumph, while the swing arm can fit an Öhlins dual shock absorber. Marchesini wheels and Brembo calipers were lifted from a Ducati 999. Motogadget’s instruments are essential, with simple in-built speedometer and rev counter. The final outcome is a compact and muscular special, with vintage aesthetics and a Cafe Racer flair to it.

Good god! that is the most beautiful bike I’ve ever seen.

I want it, but I also want to put in a glass box and stare at her… That L-twin is mesmerising.

sorry, going to have to stop you there… that’s an UGLY dog of a mish mash… ok, engineering excellence aside, aesthetically, it looks like someone has just hurled up every component they can that does the trick over a chassis and hoped… and the stylin leaves a lot to be desired. What’s with the stickers some muppet’s half-arse slapped up the sides of the tank? Why? What for… it looks like those cheap neutral plastic strips they stick n mass produced calculators to stop the batteries discharging mid-transit from Taiwan to your home office desk…

I may be missing the point seriously here, and try and convince me if you like, but that is NOT a beautiful bit of engineering from over here… sorry…