Riverside MX

Today I had my first taste of MX at the Riverside track. A friend let me share on his bike.

First lap was terrifying in the wet conditions and a 2 stroke so hard to ride. Second session was much better, I was able to ride leaning back off ruts and get some reasonable air time. It all went abit wrong when I drifted sideways cross rutted on a take off and promptly landed OFF THE TRACK :pinch:

I had enough time in the air to bail and appreciate I was still going to land on the bike…

Pretty badly bruised up but armour protected most of me. A few X-rays for the swollen bits and I’m good to go :w00t:

That’s one thing ticked off my new years resolution list. My downhill MTB experience definitely helped me alot more than road motorbikes. So much sliding!

I grabbed some photos too…

That looks like soooo much fun!!!

Looks great fun :slight_smile: It’s right on the wrong side of London for me though. Shame :slight_smile: