rite then?

From Essex but live in sunny Cornwall now(**** all over the road this time of year, ok in the summer though) Got a 1100 oil burner at the mo part fightered and a crosser. Had loads of sports bikes and loved them all but prefer the older stuff now(bit more challenging) That will do for the mo. (great forum by the way)

Hello and welcome Paul of Kernow

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya Fella. Are you a long lost relative

Got any pic’s of your Burner

Welcome to LB

Could be a relative, you good looking? Got a dog that does that to my leg. will get some pics of me gix, not much to look at at the mo.

Na I’m a ugly fooker, fink I was the milkmans

Stick em in the Fighterd section & keep us updated with your build

Hello and welcome…

hellow mr cornish man from kernow, im a devonian, now londoner!

Thanks for all the ello’s. Just been reading bout the 205 blade. Bloody hell bet he wishes he kept his mouth shut. Well funny. On the picture the tyres dont look like rossi’s when he finished with a bike.

Hi and welcome to LB I hope for your sake your not a relation of Terry-Moto

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Welcome to LB