RIP Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli has passed away succumbing to the horrific injuries suffered during the Sepang race. The Gresini Honda rider was declared dead 16.56 local time.

i dont believe it… RIP Marco

click if you want to see the accident

i cant believe it either.
RIP Marco. horrible loss. :crying:

RIP, that is a very tragic loss.

R.I.P Marco.

That crash was brutal, poor guy. RIP Simoncelli :frowning:

RIP Marco. A very sad loss. A great future talent who will be missed enormously.

RIP Marco.

OMG I don’t know why but I just saw the video… it looks like as if something was completely wrong before the crash (think he may have been trying to save it or just have been coming off) because his body position on the bike is weird…

In any case, it’s a sad day as he was definitely one of the characters and taleents in MotoGP and will be sorely missed… RIP Marco

looked to me like he got caught on the right side of the bike so couldn’t do anything as the tyres dug in and it went across the track :crying:

I am sure that will haunt Rossi and Crutchlow for the rest of their lives. Massive loss to the sport.


Another sad loss.
Loved to watch him, as he had ‘character’. Irreplaceable.


RIP Marco

Tragic loss of a brilliant guy with lots of talent.
RIP Marco


RIP, a great character and talent

Just watched it again and to me he died instantly as he was not moving after he was hit and when the helmet is smashed the way it was is not a good sign.


R.I.P Marco.

What a horrific freak accident.

There must be serious mental anguish for Rossi and Edwards as well.

Sounds a bit grim, but I would be interested in the investigation (must be, surely?) results relating to the helmet coming off.

RIP Marco. Sad loss to racing.

Terrible loss to the sport . Earlier this year a friend of mine went to the USA for the GP . He was staying in the same hotel as Marco and actually sat in the bar with him and chatted . My friend said he was a really nice bloke who would chat about anything , a totally solid on the ground guy .

RIP Marco :crying:

A tragic and terrible loss, our thoughts to his family, friends and the Moto GP riders.

looked a goner there and then didn’t he, but he regained consciousness in the medical centre which was when they announced opening pit lane in 15 minutes and then they cancelled the race when he took a turn for the worse.