RIP Simon Andrews

Unfortunately Simon Andrews passed away this morning after his horrific accident at the NW200 on Saturday.

Ride with the Angels fella :frowning:

holy ****, thats tragic, the crash was awful i couldn’t believe it she i saw the you tube video. Tragic RIP Fella XXX



Very very sad

another racer taken before his time, so sad, RIP.

Really sad news. :frowning:

Sad News.

I enjoyed watching Simon race and on the TT Legends series.


Given that all the papers are banging about this and risks again, here is the other side of the story:

I knew him pretty well from BSB.

I also saw the footage of the tragic crash before it was taken down. It was horrible to watch knowing it was someone you knew and I was really hoping he would pull through. Gutted when I heard. :frowning:
I feel terrible for his parents, family and friends.
Rest in peace Simon.

Also saw this sad news. Rest in peace.