RIP Sabine Schmitz

A sad day, she was so much fun on top gear


sad to hear

:frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :sob:

Very sad, and so young! Bloody hell.

Very sad indeed. She was the most fun person on top gear, brilliant personality and great driver.

Her truck challenge remains one of my favourite top gear challenges…

Shit that was 11 years ago


Ah thanks for putting it up, watched it all again…

What a legend…

Sad to hear. She was one of those people who conveyed sheer joy in what she loved doing, driving fast and just getting on with it. RIP Sabine.

Why is it always the good people that have to leave early… Such a shame with all the illness and her struggle. Didn’t even know about her situation until today.

That’s very sad. She brought some credibility to Top Gear in the episodes she was involved in after it descended into a farce.

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Beautiful tribute with the old and the new TG crews in. Watch it quick before the BBC pull it from youtube.

No need to rush, it’s available on iplayer for a year.

Top Gear, A Tribute to Sabine Schmitz:



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That was actually very very good…

What a talent… What a loss

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Great tribute. Clarkson looks on the way out sadly. Must not be taking care of himself.


Doesn’t he just. State of him.