RIP Raptorman

RIP fella


Never good seeing message like this.

My deepest condolences to family and friends at this time.:crying:

Too many lost people this year. RIP Dude.

Sad news again :crying:

aww never nice too hear, r.i.p.

RIP. My condolences to the family and friends

He was good at his trade, and would always do his best to make his customers happy…a really nice, decent, and honest bloke. I for one will miss him.

BTW Steve, wherever you may be now, just remember the dog’s name is Kickstart (he knows what I mean). :slight_smile:

RIP, such sad news. I remember the RSV thread it was amazing to see what such a skilled artist can produce

Dude, think I talked to you when you picked up that helmet from Steve - I was picking up the grey CBR at the time. Agree, will miss him.

I remember meeting you that day, too. :slight_smile: