RIP Raptorman

Some of you may not be aware that a good friend of mine, Steve aka ‘Raptorman’, died a couple of weeks ago. He had been ill for some time. This was the guy that led the team doing all my paintwork and paintwork for a number of racers. I will miss him dearly. His wife Ang has been amazing and has been a pillar of strength for their beautiful little girl.

This is his profile from this forum:

RIP fella, you will live on through your work xxx

Check out some of the team’s work here:

very sad news. I remember reading his thread on his aprillia special with carbon fibre bits he made up. amazing craftsman and sound bloke.

never met the guy but that bike was amazing. sad news

Diddn’t meet him but RIP fella…

Sad to hear. Sounds a talented guy!

sad news, R.I.P

Spoke to him a few times about doing some paint work on my bikes.

Was a very talented sprayer and a good bloke all round.

RIP Steve

Sorry, Sad news, lots of nice work there, thoughts are with you and all close loved ones. RIP


R.I.P dude you will indeed live on threw your art

RIP, my thoughts are with his wife and daughter.

Didn’t know him but condolences to his family. He’s not suffering anymore if he’d been ill. RIP


RIP Fella , always admired your work !

What the hell, totally shocked by this news! Nice bloke who did some work for me on my bike last year, always had time for a chat and grab you to show you something he was working on - be it a guitar or a mini conversion. Remember calling him when he was building the Aprillia and he insisted that I hold on whilst he started it up so I could hear the cut down pipes over the phone!

RIP fella, thoughts go out to his family.


**So so sad :crying:
R.I.P **

Sorry to hear that Gabs, Never met him but remember the Username…

Another loss, R.I.P

fookin hell, I was only talking to him a month ago.

RIP man.

Yep me too…then Ange told me i was sooo shocked:crying: