RIP Premier Motorcycles, West Wickham

It is with the greatest of sadness that I have to report that Premier Motorcycles, the Suzuki dealership in West Wickham, is closing down as of today.

It was run by Martyn Rae who is the nicest person you would ever hope to meet, his staff were excellent and Ollie was the best mechanic I have ever had work on any of my bikes, in 15 years of motorcycling. I will be keeping in contact with both, and Ollie has agreed to keep servicing my bike as long as he is available to do so.

I wish Martyn, Ollie, and the rest of the Premier team all the best for the future, and every success for any future enterprise they are involved in. They are the nicest people, and that shop so deserved to succeed, it pains me to have to type this.

This has come at the end of a really crappy few days for me - starting my first ever stint of jury service last Monday and assigned to a horrific trial, about the worst kind of case imaginable, then I had to leave the trial on the Wednesday as my Dad died that morning.

Not a good week :crying:

double post

Sorry to hear about your father :frowning:

It’s a shame that Premier are closing, I work near there and often had a look when I was passing. Sign of the times I guess.

That is a shame- they certainly were a helpful bunch there. Let us know where the mechanic ends up working as there aren’t that many decent places left in the area.

…and very sorry to hear about your dad :frowning:

I have friends have bought bikes from there and always had good service - pity.

sorry to hear about your dad Eezy, times are just getting worse and worse :frowning:

By the sound of it even if the books was straighten out it would still run at a loss. Unfortunalty with people like Dobles around you are always going to struggle. Mr Doble has proper money round him they will never close down

bad news , been going to have my mot done there for the last 5 year. and always had to book up weeks ahead , always seemed as if workshop was busy?

Very sorry to hear your bad news Chris.

And also very sorry to hear about the shop - the current bike came from them, and it’s true they were very nice and helpful people. (And the last time we went there they seemed to be busy selling bikes:blink: )

It’s tough for small independent traders out there.

John Newman, proprietor of The Riders Digest, was assembling an article about just how tough things were when he had to pull the plug on TRD. Yup. RIP TRD too.

Premier were excellent and a tribute to small independent motorcycle dealerships that put customer service right to the forefront of their business. Just too small to sustain trading at a time when even the big multiples are struggling and cutting profit to the minimum just to stay in business.

iv only ever been in there twise and both times was basicaly told to go away

Sorry to hear about your Dad eezy :frowning:

Sympothetic as ever Moto mouth.

My condolences for the loss of your father. It’s never good to see any buisness go under as the knock on ramifications are far and wide. A bad week indeed.

Can’t believe it!! Bought my current bike from Martin and I would definitely have been spending my money with them for many years to come!! Top guys!!

Anyone know where they’ve gone? Would like to buy them a beer…

Sorry to hear abotu your dad Ezy.

Also bad about the independent traders, hopefully everyone there can find work.

My condolences to you an your family on the loss of your father chris .

Fireblade_Rob, LiM, silveR6, Jetstream, Afro, RobC, Elad, redrat, Rogue Rider, Karleigh and Nivag - many thanks for your kind messages re my Dad, both on this thread and by pm. Top people like you are the reason why I stick around here; I really appreciate it.

I saw both Ollie and Martyn at the New Addington bike show event a few weeks ago and they were both well. Martyn hadn’t found a new job yet but he had a couple of possibilities in the pipeline so I wished him well; he (and his young family) seemed to be coping well under the circumstances.

Ollie is now in business on his own as a mobile bike mechanic, his phone number is 07585 773345 and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, he is a great guy and certainly the best mechanic I’ve ever had work on any of my bikes over the years. He is based in Addiscombe, just outside Croydon, but I’m sure he will cover quite a wide area.

Hi have been trying to get some work done on my bike and used to use Martin, my front calliper is seized and would like it done. Is he still able to do this ? Thank you for help Palace papa

Hi have been trying to get some work done on my bike and used to use Martin, my front calliper is seized and would like it done. Is he still able to do this ? Thank you for help Palace papa

Read the post prior to your own two and you can see Premiere’s old mechanics mobile number.