sad times guys. 

Notice to all OMC customers and followers.

OMC opened its doors to the motorcycle community almost six years ago to the day!

However, it is with much sadness and regret that, due to rising costs, a short fall of turn over and the change of our lease has left us with an uncertain future.

Therefore, I am forced to announce that OMC will be closing its doors within the next month. We have tried over the last 18 months to combat this moment, with various initiatives and schemes but the reality meant we had to raise prices and now we are at a point where the balance has swung away from the customers’ advantage of saving money.

As I am sure you’ll understand, this has been a very difficult and painful decision to make, both Matt and our hard-core customers, as well as myself feel passionately about motorcycling and firmly believe that a workshop such as OMC has a place in the motorcycle community.

Over the past six years OMC has helped many of you with your motorcycle maintenance and servicing. We helped and guided many riders to realise their own potential by demystifying this perceived dark art. 
We are proud to have trained over 1200 riders with our extremely popular Basic Maintenance and Inspection Course.
We’ve had a really enjoyable time working with you in a professional yet informal atmosphere, often created by you the customer and fueled by us. We have helped riders with their racing and track day bikes as well as sponsoring a few racers albeit with small change.
We’ve helped manage many project bikes and restorations. We’ve also had some crazy experiences with some riders, whose machines were totally un-road worthy and therefore, without wishing to be dramatic, I’d like to say we saved more than a few of you from some very unpleasant situations.

Whatever your particular style of riding may be, be it commuter, pleasure, touring, adventure, racing or a combination of if not all of the afore mentioned; what we all have in common is the passion and desire to learn, fettle and above all ride our motorcycles. During the past six years we have had the privilege to meet an extraordinary and diverse group of people, many of you become more than loyal customers, you became more than friends, you became OMC family, the 2016 Christmas OMC drinks were a testament to that.

When we were first opening and “putting us out there” we had a comment made about us on social media, “You won’t last six months”. Well we lasted six years and we are very proud of that fact.

In a few years maybe, just maybe, there will another style of OMC workshop, I know that you will share the same pride, that we were the original self-service motorcycle workshop in the UK and you were part of it.

I personally would like to thank each and every one of you for the support shown over the last six years, but especially to Matt for his commitment and dedication and lastly, to Team OMC.

Ride safe, keep it rubber side down and remember a well maintained motorbike is a safe motorbike.

Simon Fraulo OMC.

That’s very sad news. I went to 2 of the maintenance courses and they were really useful.

Sad times, if it wasn’t for OMC I’d never had a clue about the “Dark Art” of motorcycling maintanence. With Matt’s help and no knowledge prior apart from how to lubricate a chain, we built a race bike that sadly I never fully finished and ended up selling on but the experience was amazing!

Sadly for me now living in Herts it became too far and I was able to take the skills given to me by Matt to build my own workshop although if I had not moved out of London I would of still used OMC

Sad times :confused:

I echo the previous two… I went to do stuff to my bike but everytime ended up staying the whole day even when I had finished mid afternoon. Quality people and had great laughs there… Mainly at my expense when i broke or couldn’t undo something. I went for the mechanics but stayed and came back because of the abuse/ banter. I still have the notes from the maintenance course and will consult it from time to time, last used to check everything on a used bike.

moving to sussex and reducing my riding to a bare minimum meant i stopped using omc for the past three years or so. Was always a shame and i always meant to pop back but shamefully always never got round to it.

It’s a pity but wish both Simon and Matt the best in new endeavours, both top blokes in my opinion.


This is increadably sad news. It was much more than just a self service garage. Matts expertise where absolutely invaluable and the banter always made for a great experience. Unfortunatly I couldn’t always use it due to time constraints but enjoyed every visit. I’m going to try and pop along for one final time. :sweat:

That’s bad news… we are running of decent places to fix bikes in central London. 

Hopefully some one will come with a similar idea. 

I think the only way for it to be viable is not to be paying London rates for rent etc. 

Well that sucks.

Now who can I con into fixing my drz, pre bought a few hours for there as well

Gutted to hear… I was one of the 1st persons to wonder down there once I read an article in a Magazine… I was so impressed, I purchased 20 hrs bench time…To then realise that spending 1 whole day with Matt and sorting out my 1st bilke from Top to Bottom meant that I never needed to go back… Its a great loss…I am sure that Matt’s skills will be snapped up very quickly…Simon, good luck in your future ventures !!  As Changgy said, will have to stop by for 1 last time…

i feel sick.  thats all i can say.

Gutted for all concerned, especially Matt (Though am hopeful / positive that with his experience he’ll end up with a new job)  

OMC and staff helped immeasurably get my bike back on the road after a little old lady did all she could to end it’s life - something I’ll always be grateful for.  

this sucks! 

OMC will be missed. Many thanks to Matt (and Luis) for all their help.

It is very sad, but it is a fact of life under the last couple of governments is that small businesses are of no interest to them, and you have to compete with companies the like Apple, Google, Uber who get away with paying no tax shifting the burden to smaller enterprises who can least afford it.

Very sad news.

Oh dear.

Jeeze, been a bad day for motorcycling, first news Motad is shutting shop, now OMC… Sad times :(

Had some good days down there, and have learnt a lot from Matt in the past.

Jeeze, been a bad day for motorcycling, first news Motad is shutting shop, now OMC.. Sad times :(
Had some good days down there, and have learnt a lot from Matt in the past.
Motad, as in the exhaust company?

Yep, Motad exhausts (also carried the Venom name).

Announced last week, but I only found out today.

Fuck. That is quite shocking. They make great pipes, had a set on my CBF500 as the standard down pipes were mild steel.

I suppose that was a core product and so many bikes now come with stainless steel as standard.

They aren’t the first to go, Micron did survive the credit crunch and I’m sure that there are others as well.