RIP Ian.....

This is for a guy I worked with. He fell ill last year and had to go into Hospital to have a lump removed from his brain. He later had a stroke and was in a bad way, but thankfully his sister eventually got him out of the stroke wing at Ealing Hospital and took him to a respite home in Dorset. I’d seen him in the London Hospital after his op, then in a poor state at Ealing. One of the girls and I went to visit him at the respite home a few weeks ago and although he was ill, he looked more relaxed at the home than he was in Ealing Hospital.
He slipped into a coma the other day…we all had a text from the Senior Pound Manager who is on holiday, to be told he’d passed away this morning.

Ian, you’re now free from pain. I had a drink for him tonight, he was partial to red wine. :smiley: He always told me that life was to short and I should never give up the Motorbiking no matter how much people get on at me about how dangerous it is.
A proud man, finally at peace.

May you RIP and Forever Ride Free. xx

Sorry to hear that.

RIP Ian…

Very sad news :frowning:
R.I.P Ian

Sad news. R.I.P. Ian :frowning:

RIP :frowning:

Very sad. RIP.:frowning:

Never give up on your dreams and passions…


What a beautiful message he left behind, to follow your passion because you could be gone tomorrow. RIP :frowning:

R.I.P :frowning:

Thank you all for the lovely messages guys. It has certainly helped.