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RIP Frank Williams

BBC News - Sir Frank Williams: Formula 1 team founder dies aged 79

Love. Him or hate him a shame.

For me he was my F1 growing up.

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I’m a big F1 fan, this is a huge loss for the F1 community. Although no longer involved and that the family themselves are no longer involved with the team at all, he was a massive figure in F1.

Amazing Ron Dennis quote in this Frank Williams obit, about when Williams became tetraplegic… “Now he’s even more dangerous. All he can do with his time is think.”

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Williams was the team to be when I started getting into F1 so will always hold a place in my heart.

To be honest, they had to sell they had little choice but I was so pleased they kept the name so the legend will live on. I just hope that the name stays. They are as big a brand in F1 as Ferrari.

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What a statement. He certainly lived up to it.

RIP Frank.