RIP Barro,s Bike


Just had a call from my Dealer…

The Assessment has been done and my Bike died this morning !!!

Shes a Write Off !!

Sorry to hear that Barro, now is time to take the culprit to the cleaners.

Sorry to hear about the bike dude…soon Barro Bike 2

Bad luck mate… looks like something new will soon be at cubana.

So, you’ll be aftre a gixxer then. RIP Barro’s Bike

Sorry to hear about ur loose

may she R.I.P

i am sure u will find a consulation in another thats life

sorry to hear of your bike barro so whens the funeral

are you gonna have the angel eyes taken out and put on ebay

I’m so sorry

I hope a quick settlement can be made so we can get you back on the road asap. Make sure you you get a good settlement from your personal injury claim

Mate sorry to hear that :frowning:

You want a DRZ mate, bullit proof.

B*****ds! - really feel fo ya - make 'em pay through their bloody nose!!

Not Happy!

Argh, Barro! Mind you, this might be for the best eh, you don’t want a badly damaged bike back, better to have brand-new! I hope your claim goes through quickly! Cabbies, huh!?

Oh no, your lovely black thingy. Make the bar stewards pay for every nut and bolt, and the lights. Chin up.

He’s a yammy boy through and through ill pooh on an ice cream cone and eat it before i see Barro on a gixer

I’ll be there with the video camera then, Flatout.

ah no and i was just thinking how nice it looked in France as well…

fingers crossed for a good payout and a worthy replacement

RIP Bike,

but look ont he BRIGHT side

Time to go shopping big man, well, at least when the pillock pays out!

r i p bike, long live barros new bike

Just as well was old one really then

Seriously though mate, that’s bad, bad news…

Look on the bright side, you can get a Fireblade now