Riots - Can we help?

Ok guys, this is kinda off the wall here but this is a very fast moving thing.

I, like many others, want to be able to help this situation but am at a loss as to how. What I’ve come up with is the following:
We could perhaps provide extra bodies for our local bike shops to help them tonight either with protection or clean up operations.

I’m not encouraging anyone to start laying into the pikies, tempting though it is, and possibly bike shops are secure enough but I think most will be on alert tonight and might appreciate extra hands on deck.

I also appreciate that some will want to stay with their own property/loved ones tonight, and perhaps we could also help there too with company or alternative accommodation.

How about a show of hands of those willing to help out those who need it?

This is getting totally out of hand.

I think if a shop does get trashed the owners may well be grateful for the help but it needs to be offered in a careful and considered way.

Most people have got smartphones these days so use the site / facebook / SVD / Twitter to keep others up to date so that if someone is out and about tonight they get a bit of extra information as to what is happening.

Take care all

im in to help in any way i can …

I think it’s very laudable that you want to help out but if people are setting fire to buildings then it’s probably best not to be in a building filled with petrol tanks?

Just a thought.

Bike shops are insured, no point putting your self at risk for something that’s covered. If it does kick of again tonight we’d be better off looking out for each other, a few grand worth of bike is going to be very tempting to the scrotes if you’re caught sitting at traffic lights.

If you’ve got time to turn up today, it might be worth knowing where to go.

Off to Hackney in a bit.

Lol you actually gone mental?

I ain’t no way…Why put yourself on offer? What you going to do LOL The police can’t even control it…

Good Luck…

If it all kicks off near me again I would appreciate someone coming to look after me :frowning:

I really think this is just the beginning, it’s going to get worse before it gets better…

I say I say I say…Stay away from Hein Gericke you Dreadful old beans…Shoo Shoo go on

Lets go “Batter a Bike theif” instead…hahahahahah

Everyone should be on viglante status tonight and for the next few nights. Standing around in crowds at the end of our streets - I’ll say again our streets - protecting our homes and communities.

Yeah be a vigalante…But stay at home and look after your bikes…Trouble is though…There are so many people your just get outnumbered and beaten up anyway…

Bring the MILLWALL boys in. We will sort this out.

You really don’t have a got a clue do you. **** the bike shops I have a family working in Ealing they come first.

Feck the local bike shop. They always try to rip me off!

Yeah they might aswell have a 90% sale now before they have a 100% one when some little conts loot there shops…

Its mental…

Fooking look at the brummies they are going stright for the money…See them on the news smashing up the Santander?

So how we going to prosecute this lot then? Seeing as there isn’t enough prison spaces in this country. We are full up…

Now there’s an offer… :cool:

Prosecute? Mow down with machine gun fire is all they deserve.

Thanks Mark, always appreciate your kind words even if they are slightly jumbled. Did you read the rest of my post or just launch off on one?

Aren’t the police asking everyone to stay in to make their jobs easier? Just so innocent people don’t get caught in ‘cross-fire’.

Yeah, it’s the most sensible thing to do!

I’m just off to Tesco to panic buy carrots then I’m in for the night again. Got a mate coming over though hopefully (he lives a few doors down) so if it kicks off I can use him as a human shield :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a couple of flat screens and a dvd if anyones interested:w00t::smiley: