Rioting Robs Ridiculous Ride-out (2011)

Looks awesome, fantastic planning too, am V. impressed.

Very jealous!


Im honoured mate :smiley:

yes I know its next year

My mate cant get two weeks off , so its just me for now !

It will be a pleasure to have you with me mate;) I’ll pm you as i said in a couple of weeks with some costings and some general info, for now your no.2 on my list;):slight_smile:

Might meet ya along the way if im working that way next June :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience riding abroad Andy, It’ll be nice if you can join us even though you come across as the more serious rider and this trip may not be your cup of tea;):slight_smile:

Would welcome it;):slight_smile:

Dont want you having a go at me kev:D are you saying you’ll like to be put on the list as a maybe;) And be my trusty tailgunner:w00t::wink:

Well stick me down for Tailgunner, hopefully in 14 months time I shall be fit as a fiddle.

Not really that experienced Rob, but it really is great fun over there. Last trip 2900 miles in 8 days and plently of siteseeing. Provided you get great weather and find some comfortable hotels. I’ve had some good times so far and I’m looking forward to plenty more, cant commit at the moment. Its not on your itiniery, but if you’re into a bit of Hiltler :w00t: the Eagles Nest is flippin good. (German/Austrin Border).For me, these trips are what biking’s all about :smiley:

Pm Sent Rob

well i would provisonally say yes to being a back up tailgunner…:slight_smile:

Nice one Westie, be good to have you with us mate;):slight_smile:

I had that in my flippin notes somewhere must of slipped my mind amongst all the planning, no worries early early days and can still tweak the trip a little yet:D

is that a typo Rob? 2011 don’t know what I am doing next week let alone in 14 months:w00t:

Hey, put me on the list … should be a fun trip :smiley:

Mind you, I’ll be getting a Yamaha FJR for the trip :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust you to be hanging around the back end. :smiley:

Rob I’am in :smiley:

and me:D

And us:P

and me :smiley:

OK you’ve had a good day in brugge and thought it’ll be a good laugh to come on here and splash your names everwhere:w00t: but I know you all now and your not fooling me, so yeah good one guys:D now sod of and wind up some other poor f*cks thread:D