Rioting Robs Ridiculous Ride-out (2011)

Rioting Robs Ridiculous Ride-out

France/Belgium/Germany/Austria/ Italy/Switzerland/Luxembourg

Only those that are fun loving riders should consider this trip

4th Jun-17th June 2011

Posted early for those that have to save their pennies like myself and to gauge interest from those that would like a 14 day biking holiday in Europe.

Limited to 16 riders A reserve list for those that would like to come but didn’t make the list will be noted.

This holiday would suit the riders that would love to tour Europe but have been put off by the more serious rider

This trip is not for the speed freak, iron butt, those that want to blast here and everywhere.

Day 1 (Saturday 4th June 2011)

Calais (France) to Spa (Belgium) (210 miles) The town of Spa has been known since Roman times for its baths. It became so prominent the very word “spa” became synonymous with “a place to be restored and pampered” in the English language. Since the 16th century, the rich, royal and famous have come to Spa to be refreshed and rejuvenated by the curative powers of the region’s waters and baths. Today you can still relax or seek cures in the waters of the town, in the Pouhon Pierre-le-Grand Spa (named after Peter the Great) or the Spa Monopole to name but a few.

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day 2 (Sunday 5th June 2011)

Spa (Belgium) to Cochem (Germany) (93 miles)

In 1688, King Louis XIV of France; during his invasion of the Rhine and the Moselle, swept in and captured Cochem Castle. His troops completely occupied the area and on May 19, 1689 they destroyed Cochem castle by setting it afire, undermining it and blowing it apart. Not satisfied with just the castle the town of Cochem was almost destroyed also.

We stop for lunch here at Cochem and then continue on to Trier(Germany)

Spa to Trier = 148 miles.

The term “tucked away” seemed to describe Trier magnificently. Located in a deep Mosel River valley at the far western corner of Germany. The highlight of Trier is the Porta Nigra (“black gate”), which is today the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps. The Porta Nigra dates back to 180 A.D.

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day 3 (Monday 6th June 2011) Trier (Germany) to Baden Baden (Germany) (140miles) Baden-Baden, located in the Oos valley between the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) and the Baden vineyards, is one of the most luxurious resorts in Germany. An especially mild climate and wide range of entertainment, including the famous casino, draw visitors year round. The spa was already known in roman times when Emperor Caracalla came here to cure his rheumatism. In the 19th century the town became the summer capital of Europe. Just northeast of town you can visit the Ebersteinberg castle, with its wonderful views of the Black Forest foothills. Covered with tall fir trees and spruces, the Black Forest is one of Germany’s most picturesque regions.

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day 4 (No Motorways)

Baden Baden (Germany) to Titisee (Germany) (93 miles)

We ride through the black forest via B500 to Titisee for Lunch and then onto Constance

The lake Constance is situated in Germany, Switzerland and Austria near the Alps. Specifically, its shorelines lie in the German federal-states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the Austrian federal-state of Vorarlberg, and the Swiss cantons of Thurgau and St. Gallen. The Rhine flows into it from the south following the Austro-Swiss frontier.

Baden Baden to Constance =150 miles

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day 5 (No Motorways)

Constance (Germany) to Arzl Im Pitztal (Austria) (122 miles)

Arzl im Pitztal is a municipality. It is located at an elevation of 883 m, with a population of about 2,900. The name Arzl probably comes from the word „arcella“, which means „small castle“. The Pitze River flows through the village. The famous Benjamin Raich comes from the village.

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day6 (No Motorways)

Arzl Im Pitztal (Austria) to Zell Am See (Austria) (127 miles)

Zell am See is a tourist destination and a transportation hub for the region. The German name “Zell am See” means the Italian “Cella at the Lake”.

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day7 (No Motorways)

Zell Am See (Austria) to Misurina (Italy) for lunch (97 miles)

South Tyrol has castles and mountains aplenty, the Friuli region feels like a small section of Central Europe, and the Veneto is all about majestic villas and, of course, the water. The Brenner Pass, the most used passage into Italy from the North, is also called the “Gateway to the South”. The climate in the pale, chalky southern Dolomite Alps is mild, with warm breezes and ample vegetation announcing the arrival in the South of Europe. There have always been routes and roads over the natural passes and through the valleys of the Alps down towards the Adriatic Sea, into the legendary Venetian Republic. The borders in northeast Italy have been moved so often that this is truly a multi-lingual region, with German spoken in South Tyrol and Slovenian in the karst region behind Triest, alongside Italian.

Misurina (Italy) to Bolzano (Italy) (76 miles)

Bolzano with its medieval city centre, Gothic and Romanesque churches and bilingual signage give it a unique flavour of a city at the crossroads between Italian and Austrian cultures. This, and its natural and cultural attractions make it a renowned tourist destination.

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day8 (No Motorways)

Bolzano (Italy) through Stelvio Pass down into Desenzano del garda (Italy) (223 miles)

Day9/ Day10/Day11 Relaxation, Fun, Sun, and booze at Lake Garda

You may want to do a day trip over these 3 days to Venice, Pisa or Rome:D

3 star hotel to be confirmed

Day 12

Desenzano del garda (Italy) to Interlaken (Switzerland) via grimsel pass (290 miles)

Interlaken is a small city in the Bernese Highlands Region of central Switzerland. Located between two Alpine Lakes (Brienz and Thun), Interlaken is a popular base camp for outdoor sports and travel in the surrounding Bernese Oberland Alps. Interlaken itself is a superb holiday destination.

Day 13

Interlaken (Switzerland) To Vianden (Luxembourg) (400 miles)

This is Luxembourg at its most touristy, and understandably so. Round a bend in the road and before you rises the impeccably restored medieval castle of Vianden, framed by forest and shrouded in mist. If this doesn’t bring back childhood tales of princes and princesses, baddies and beasts, nothing will.

Vianden’s picturesque location – nestled in the valley of the Our River – has made it a summer beehive. On weekends the town buzzes with German, Belgian and Dutch visitors soaking up the village ambience at terrace cafés along Grand Rue – the steep, narrow main street. At times the bustle is too much (avoid Sundays in summer when motorcycle troops throttle through town fraying nerves and oscillating eardrums) but mostly it’s not so chaotic.

Day 14

We head for calais and home:D (281 miles)

Looking at Hotels twin rooms seem to be around 80/90 euros so be prepared to share a room with your fellow rider to keep costs down.


  1. Robert (Rioting Rob)

  2. Justin (JC1001)

  3. Kevsta ( provisonally)

  4. Westie955i ( provisonally)

  5. Zine

  6. Trackday Junkie7. GSXRAng8. 9. Jetstream (Chris & Julie)10. Bluelagos11. 12 Hannibal13. Shiver14. Mel (Maybe)15. Ginger16.

that looks amazing!! i wish i can come

Calais to Stelvio Pass 626miles:w00t:

Maybe i could ride straight there and play on that road for a few days and then ride home again:P

Good luck with the ride Rob, i must say it does look an amazing venture i hope you get suitable people to join you;)

14 Days? You could do that in a week :D:D

Ha Ha, no you can do that in a week;)

No, TDJ would need about 2 days;)

Rob,Why not move it to August and be teacher friendly! Less traffic as everyone is on holiday:)

That said, if I am in Nigeria, might be able to do this…might know a lot more in a weeks time (Have job offer - but not accepting it as it stands)

Sorry Nick, Holiday with the mrs booked for August, how do you think i can do this for two weeks on my own:w00t::w00t:;):DThis is for 2011, plenty of time to get organised;):cool:

Me and my mate would be well up for this , have been planning somehting similar for ages !

Also give me somethign to loon forward to !

I was thinking that:) but if Rob is leading:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Ok mate, if I am still in Uk next summer, I will speak to the school and see if they can extend the school holidays forward by 7 weeks :slight_smile:

Does look like a wkd trip. Been Skiing in Zell am Zee and walked across the lake - lovely place.

If it was moved a week forward then I would provisional say yes. :slight_smile:
However given the state of the back, I will provisionally say yes. :smiley:

got any cost ideas then ?
hotels, fuel, tolls etc

Rob who’s leading cos you can’t find your way out of a paper bag? :D:D:D:D:D:D

That’s why it’s called a ridiculous ride-out Ang, imagine the fun we’ll have:D

Justin, do you realise this is for June 2011 will pm you in a few weeks mate;) but i will say this: no riders will get on the list easily, i know you mate so your half way thier;):slight_smile:

Steve, i’ve done some rough costings for this trip but will post up more accurate ones in a couple of weeks;):slight_smile:

:hehe: Im tempted to follow at a distance just to witness this amazing rideout. :hehe: Incredible forward planning RR, I usually give myself only 48hrs notice (checking the weather) for a week away biking :smiley:

OK Andy, who’s booking the helicopter + film crew? We could have a fun time for a few days “trailing”:wink:

I’ll wait till the RRRR is over the Channel, then get it together. RR, I take it you knew that its compulsory to have a Tracker fitted to all vehicles when in use on the Continent :slight_smile: