Rioting Rob stopped for speeding

So, driving to work this morning I get stopped for speeding. After a short sharp conversation the copper says to me ‘where’s your documents and driving licence’? ‘In the glove compartment with my gun’ says I ‘you’ve got a gun asks the copper? Yeah I say ‘I shot the guy in the boot when I stole the car’ the copper immediately gets on the radio and calls for assistance. Loads of squad cars turn up, the armed response team asks me ‘where’s the gun’? I haven’t got a gun I reply, ‘Where’s the body’? ‘What body’ oh I get it, I bet the lying basteward said I was speeding too.:smiley:

Man you need some new jokes! Or you need to get older or younger or something.



I read this line and knew you were fibbing :D:P

Ditto…I’ve seen him riding! :smiley:

That’s nothing I seen him parking!!! :smiley:

Hahah, I found it funny Rob!

I’ve seen his overtaking - on a junction as a car decides at the last minute to turn. Made me and a couple of others hold our breath for a second or two!!


Smiled does it soooo much better :smiley:

I remember that one. Close :w00t:

cor they love you Rob dont they.

being a little tired i was reading it with a hint of belief until the body in the boot comment! (notice how i totally disreguarded the gun comment! :doze:)

but i did laugh, so thanks!

Just banter mate, that’s how they show thier love on here mate;):smiley: