Rioting Rob rides to Rye and beyond (Rideout 18/9/2011)

Leaving oakdene @ 9.00am Sharp, rock up with a full tank.:smiley:

Sorry, defo no 125’s:w00t:

Fun and frolics around East-Sussex and Kent;)

I’ll be at Blackheath Teahut for 8am, leaving at 8.20 sharp, anybody want to meet me there let me know:w00t::smiley:

Ooohh, my pants are moist in expectation.

Count us in, Julie is as moist as me.

Rob, Rye, beyond, who would`nt?

OK, but we have spent much time (on the road :stuck_out_tongue: ) together this year, won’t people talk :w00t:

I’ll come, but only to see martin as i get jealous of all the time Rob spends with him

We want Lagos Bleu to turn up too so we can see them have a threesome together in public:P

as said, shall see, but will give it a thought. knowing me, I’ll make it anyway :slight_smile:

As soon as he sees this he should do, he enjoyed the last one:w00t::smiley:

hmmm this looks good…

maybe, a group of us are supposed to be going out with some to–er buit can blow the wa–er out till another weekend. all i need to do now is make sure we dont go out sat night.

Ha, ha, see you there then:D

can volunteer as tail gunner if needed

Im glad i dont know THAT to**er! :Whistling:

Calm down Gramps, we can still do what planned! Im up for it but weather dependent…

Rob how discriminatory! I’m gonna do a ride out no thick cut’s or fattys :wink: :laugh:

Lucky for you I am picking up my big bike on Saturday otherwise I would have been down there :stuck_out_tongue:

Please tell me you wont be out on it Sunday will you:w00t: if your out riding around I might just have to cancel this:w00t::smiley:

Do you know what…I’m tempted to race down to Rye just to spite you! You watch your back mister… :laugh:

gotta get past me first though, young one :slight_smile:


Alright chewbacca :wink:

so, how much yer paying then? :slight_smile:

Oh no, not again :w00t: Turned down the last offer on the recent Millau Bridge trip. :smiley:

Going to the footie on Sunday. Might be able to do an Oakdeen breakie though :stuck_out_tongue: