Rioting in London tomo!

Yep, my bike seems to be running and the brakelight and horn appear to be working so London here-we-come!:w00t:

Cor, those Dakar rally type gents are in for a shock if you meet em:D

just keep a eye out for the ‘sneaky stance’ has me in fits of laughter everytime i see him doing this on entering a corner,ever played moto-ball george i reckon you’d be a natural

Hey Sharon! Dare you to do a quick detour via St Paul’s & see how many scruffs you can scare out of their tents:) They’ll think armageddon is nigh when you approach:w00t:

Hope you are joining the Dakar crew!? Gives me another reason to try and get a day off work to join the fun :smiley:

Thats only just up the road from Hatton Gdn!:w00t: There are people burried there aren’t there? I got stopped across the road from there by a very nice copper on my CR500 Super-retard…that could have woken the dead in St. P’s!:blink:


Sharon xxx

And have them steal all of the advanced technology festooned upon the bike? Hardly!:smiley: TBH, I’ll be glad to make it to work and back with the brakelights etc still working!:blush:

Canada Square, mmm…?

Yeay! All seems fine, is it too soon to declare that my baby is…CURED!:w00t:

Happy for you, hope you dont let the rot down, have fun.:slight_smile: