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Hi all, I always park at a 6789 location around SoHo. The 7 day option for £3.50. Now I am aware that 7 days is not what you get, expiry I think at midnight of the 6th day. Now I know the timer shows this info, but I didn’t pay attention to that and took it that 7 days means 7 days, not 6days 11hours 59mins. Obviously got a ticket and appeal denied, but this sort of thing really gets me, don’t advertise as 7 days when it isn’t. Has anyone gone to formal rep with this ?


Weird, and annoying! Why would they even do that? It does sound like dishonest advertising. Perhaps Trading Standards would be interested in that?

Thankyou. Yes, it just seems plain wrong to me. They cover themselves with the timer function that counts down to expiry, but still, in the first instance it’s misleading.

I’ve been all the way. It might well end up in your local court. Have photos and proof. It sounds like you have been given contradictory statements in that one said 7 days and the other 6 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes. If that is the case, and I’m no lawyer, I’d say your position is strong. If it does go to court you can hire a lawyer and reclaim their costs if you win.

I think the justification is they are sold as ‘day’ tickets, not 24 hour tickets. So for example today is Tuesday, if I buy a 6789 space now (at 09:30, time of writing) it ran from nine and half hours ago whether I used it or not, and it will expire at midnight tonight, I don’t expect it to expire at 09:29 tomorrow.

Having said that, appeal it. One of my friends appeals everything and has got off four times being photographed driving in the CCZ because TfL’s database, and the road sign he passes, are spelled differently. He’s got off many times on similar technicalities, often they won’t pursue it because the time expenditure for them is many times the possible revenue.

I think that’s the point, in so far as it’s sold as 7 days, but isn’t. A day ticket it’s reasonable to assume it’s going to expire at the end of that single day, when the options at purchase are 1 or 7 days, I think reasonable to assume that a purchase at midday Monday will not expire until 11:59am the following Monday. But, you know, maybe that’s just me.

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I can see where you’re coming from though.

Lots of things that might be important.
You say you always park there. Does that mean you have bought multiple 7 day tickets?
Is this one fine or are you going to be getting one for each week?
Did you buy a new ticket after the first one expired? If so did it start the same day or the next day?

We (my partner and I) usually take an annual 6789 ticket on the Piaggio we share between us. It saves all that faffing, at any time either of us can hop on it and park anywhere in Westminster without worrying.

Yes, whenever I know I’m going to be around Soho for work, I just get the 7 day, for ages I worked on my assumption and never got a ticket ( luck )

If the first day is starts as Zero then the last day will be Six. In terms of IT (computer) that’s correct. Of course standing in the street the first day is One and the last day Seven…

Your 7 day option starts by including the whole of the first day even if you don’t park until midday. So the last ‘day’ will finish at 23.59.59.

Makes total sense. I just think coding a system timer that reflected what they advertise wouldn’t be that hard. Purchase 7 days, get exactly that, not a portion of 7 days. Picky probably, I do think it leans toward false advertising. When you explain like that though, yes, I see your point.