Ring article by Chuffster

Nice one mate ! Really good read, and since I was planning my 2nd trip out there last night and have been watching on-board laps through the day I was really in the mood.

I can’t wait for it. The M5 wasn’t the Ring-Taxi by any chance. I remember it being airborne most of the time I saw it (as it passed!).

Happy Xmas to you and yours.

Yes, great article Chuffster! Thanks for writing it for us. It’s during these cold, non-riding winter months that my appetite for foreign excursions develops. I’m harbouring a deep desire to hit the 'ring next year, on top of a number of other tracks in the UK I still haven’t ridden (Thruxton, Oulton), would love to ride Spa as well.

a brilliant article. thanks mate…

The M5 was the ring taxi last time i was there in the FTO and it lapped me, the driver is amazing !!!

However the last time i was at the NBR in the mota’ this happend, mine P7 We managed to plant two FTO’s into the barrier that day…

The video is even better … I’ll dig it out and post it

forgot i had this photo as well , when i was waiting to go onto the ring these guys come off… i’m guessing the guy in the middle has a “moment” in one of the many corners

Blimey Lee, maybe you should stick to two wheels? I know the feeling the guy on the bike is having, been there, done that, a few times