Rimakabol bed! Lowvli plumaage!

Someone is attempting to scam me and I went to this www.419eater.com for help in trying to bait the scammer.
This video (top right) is priceless, not least because of the reason it is being done.


It is also a kind of repayment for the laughs I had at Zeus44’s Russia pictures! :smiley:

Ha ha. You mean that’s not the original Monty Python sketch? :wink:

“Dat is exacly wot ah am sayin’!”

Mind you, their performance is lacklustre to say the least, but given the source material, that is excusable.
Maybe they should have a go at ‘Fork Handles’ next!

419eater is an excellent site full of fantastic things scammers have been pursuaded to do in an effort to demonstrate bona fides.