Rim tape

what do you think?

let the tomato throwing begin :smiley:


looks good :slight_smile:

Does it make you go faster?

no but it makes the bike look fast when standing still :smiley: :cool:

I honestly think its looks shite whilst looking good! :smiley:

Better than most rim tape.

But still rim tape


haha was going to say a similar thing :smiley:

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of rim tape…

I know quite a few girls who are into rimming… :w00t:

:D:P too true. :wink:

Well what you let them do to you is your own business, but keep them away from yer bikes lads:w00t:

This thread will be ok unless you’re unlucky enough for chunkymonkey to come on :smiley:

My bike has rim tape too!!! But put on by last owner HONEST, not my cup of tea

tastefully done, but it’s still rimtape, so be warned, you’re on thin ice here… even think about sticky ears, or plastic mohawks for your helmet and LB membership will be swiftly and painfully revoked! :smiley:

now theres an idea!!

Not bad, I’m thinking of luminous green for mine - it is a Kawasaki after all!

Extra weight, will slow me down :smiley:

The new Kaw has it already sprayed on the wheel!!

Gotta be green if is a Kawa +1

Hope you’re joking Alex:w00t:

(shall we arrange some counselling just in case?):smiley:

Every time I see this thread has an additional post to it I keep thinking
“Rimtape rimtape rimtape rimtape rimtape – say it - rimtape rimtape rimtape rimtape – it feels dirty in my mouth even just saying it - rimtape rimtape rimtape rimtape.”

Ooh insightful! and you’re right, that is a dirty word… Pan… you listening…