Rim straightening - where?

Looks like my rear rim is not very straight and brake pads keep touching the disk on one spot and it eats my pads. So I’m looking where can I have the rim straightened.
On Google I found a place in Maidstone, but prices are too high - from £96 if I bring plain rim to them.

Any other recommendations? Ideally somewhere is SE area.

It’s SV650 K6 model. Thanks!

Your rim being bent wont affect what the brake is doing. That’ll be a bent disc rotor, the normal fix is to replace it since they’re an arse to straighten yourself and new ones often don’t cost much more than someone else’s labour.

in very few cases you can have the disk machined flat again but that’s only when there’s a very very tiny amount of warping.

@BRS - To me it looks like the whole centre of the rim isn’t straight where brake disc mounts, causing the rotor to move slightly. I’ll make a video to show what I mean.

@me_groovy - I wouldn’t take chances machining the rotors, on the bikes they are way to slim to do it safely.

I’ve use Hagons to repair a rear wheel on my R1 a few years ago. The quality of work was good, but they do try to sell you a quick service for an extra fee. Unfortuantely, they did delay their work, and it was about a week later than originally promised when I was booking the work in. I don’t like broken promises, so would advise anyone else that uses them, to get a written confirmation of when work would be done by.

It doesn’t sound like it’s the rim as mentioned, but should you ever use that place you mentioned, Motoliner in Aylesford, Maidstone, it is a good place. My dad had a rim straightened there and had good things to say. He took it there himself and went for a nice stroll around the area, which is rather nice, whilst waiting for it to be done.

Motoliners used them a few times great service good guys

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Yeah motoliner in Maidstone are ace.

Just to comment on an earlier comment, there is an issue where a bent hub can cause a seemingly straight wheel but a wobbly disc… I had it on an NC30 once, fixed my motoliner.