Right ok help me

This morning about half 2 my bike decides to confuse me with funny noises (sounds like a crosser when I go but ticks over as it always has) I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet but either my exhaust has a hole in it or come lose or my cam/cam chain has finally given up (but my top end is the same just my acceleration bogs slightly not noticeable) or something to do with my air box im hoping its not the cam HOPING!! either way im not bothered my scoots on its way out so

anyone selling a cheap gilera runner 125cc or bigger don’t mind if its 2T or 4T and if any one has got a 172cc or a 210cc that would be a result i need to get one before 6th august because then i can ride down to meet you lot preferably got tax and mot well mot anyway i will even part exchange with my 210cc for spares and repairs if interested

in fact im also after a 125cc geared bike aswell not botherd what just something road legal with gears