Right Im Off Out On The Bike For 2 weeks - Suggestions needed!

Ok so im heading out on the bike and im planning on stopping by the moto GP in spain on route. Im takin a couple of weeks and i believe some other may be headed down there so if you are then PM me so week can meet.

Also if anyone has any suggestions of where to check out esp on the west cost of france then that would be great!


My route looks a bit like this.

Day 1 - Brussels

Day 2,3 Koblenz/ring

Day 4 - Innsbruck Austria

Day 5,6,7 Switerland from innsbruck to Geneva

Day 8,9 Nimes - along french coast

Day 10, 11, 12 GP

Day 13 - San Sabestion via Pamplona

Day 14, 15, 16 French West Coast

Day 17 arrive back in london village!

If your interested in meeting or tagging along then feel free! PM me and i will give you my number!