"Riding without Due Care and Attention"

Sadly the law is no longer straight forward on solid lines and split lines. Look at the problems caused by the new cycle lanes.

Must admit in my experience its quite rare for traffic to even bother with couriers unless its an (illegal) stop all couriers session so I have to ask what speed you were doing and did you go the wrong way around one of the pedestrian crossing islands?

Remember ITM I told you to go slowly, theres no reason to go fast in this job and the office doesn’t expect you to break the law.

Not taking sides in this but however much I dislike the MET and until you’ve been investigated for ringing a bike that the MET asked you to pick up courtesy of an drunk off duty officer deciding to help out in the front office of limehouse nick you will never know how much, most are fair or don’t care and leave people alone. Of course some are willing to perjure themselves as well but thats another story.

Carry on and Keep it up, I bet the readers are right impressed with your posts.

Some bus lanes have been opened up to bikes, unlike the one on Picadilly which i am sure is a contraflow bus lane,

I have also found that it is often the case that the cops pulling you over will give a stiff talking to, but if the offence is committed right in front of them and then you give them a s~~t load of attitude, they conclude that one is taking the p, and that is not normally a good idea, as in the original post(maybe).

Sorry mate, but I don’t really think that you can complain about this one.

You broke a traffic law, you were caught and you have been given a punishment for the infraction.

In the past I have gone past Police vehicles in the bus lane and haven’t had any bother, but perhaps because you crossed into a bus lane heading in the opposite direction was too much for these coppers to let go. Or perhaps you just came across a couple of arseholes with nothing better to do. But unfortunately that is the chance you take when you do something like this.

Trojan is right when he states that expecting a talking to when the Police let drivers get away with driving whilst using a mobile phone is not really a defence. We all see crap driving every day, but also the majority of riders in London tend to bend traffic laws a little bit to try and make progress.

It is unfortunate that you have been done, but realistically I would think deep down you know that you can’t really complain, because what you did is not allowed.



I cant say that I have never broken a traffic law. And it is a chance we take. I am not sure as to what exactly happened and am not gonna comment on that.

What I will say is that yes there are “more difficult” cops out there, but so too there are good ones… and they do put their lives at risk for us on a daily basis. That deserves respect!

Morning All!

I know Piccadilly well and use it often.

I have to say crossing onto the contra flow bus lane in sight of a copper is a bit daft.

Did you see the copper? if not you really were riding without “Due Care and Attention”

Sorry matey you were had “a fair cop” there.

I have been caught once speeding, Once in a bus lane and once with a completely unreadable number plate
Each time i called them sir and ate humble pie and apologised
Not one incident was taken any further.
If you catch a copper on a bad day and then give them a little attitude then you will be treated badly and unfairly.
If you’re nice then they chill out and in my experience let you off with a flea in ya ear.
Just remember that you have been a naughty boy and do whatever you can to get out of any punishment
Basically pucker up and kiss ass.

Erm yes, well what I can I say.

A highly amusing thread! It would be interesting to know what they were going to charge you with before before you opened your mouth at the roadside.

Somehow, itsa, I don’t see you standing there eating humble pie admitting your mistake and being all nice…

And do yourself a favour, lay off the mass insults about coppers. You’re entitled to your views of course but if you are going to start insulting them in such a manner you’d better name names. Otherwise I’ll interpret it as insulting fellow members which is a no-no.


maybe they just didnt like germans!

Yeah, I don’t think the point is white lines or bus lanes here. It is a contra-flow bus lane.

I wouldn’t have done that manouevre. itsthemechanic took the risk, got caught.

Still, it’s nice to have a whinge isn’t it?

So in sumary, bad boy gangsta’ man crosses solid white line into oncoming bus lane right next to a police car then wines and moans about it like a schoolgirl!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ok everybody!

The bottom line is I broke the rules, stupidly got caught by some pork having a bad day and I’ll just have to face the music. I can sit here and grumble about the evil pigs all day long but that’s what it boils down to. End of story.

OK, gonna go down the nick now and present my documents

hopefully it will work out for you and they will be as lenient as they can be
remember smile and be nice
best of luck and obviously report back

hey welcome to LB!!

Thanks! Excuse my spelling!

I think ITM should apologise to the guys who are in the police who freqent this site.

I have worked with MP and TVP officers and find them in the main to be resonable people and only tend to lose the plot when confonted with self rightous know all’s who start preaching to them. If think they are wrong shut up and argue it in court.

Show respect and you get respect!

That’s the spirit

Ok dude, hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as it could - s**t happens but it’s how we deal with it that shows the measure of us.

fingers crossed

Translated I think that means … having read the other posts I’ll have to now admit it was all my fault but I’ll still attempt to have a pop at the coppers for simply doing their job and having to deal with someone that has an attitude like ITM.